WLT For Kids

June 15 to June 22
July 13 to July 20

Registration and auditions for the 2018 WLT For Kids Summer program are closed.

Check here early 2019 for information about and registration for next summer's program.

What is the WLT For Kids program?
WLT For Kids is a summer theatre for kids by kids! Going strong since 2004, WLT for Kids is committed to providing quality theatre for young audiences and a learning environment for young thespians. The WLT for Kids program is a theatrical immersion experience where youth learn all aspects of theater during a summer session.

Who can be in the program?
Kids ages 12-18.

What productions does the program put on?
Two shows are put on each summer: a play in June and a musical in July. In 2019, we are doing Robin Hood in June and Honk! Jr in July.

When does the program run?
The program runs in the afternoon/early evening timeframe for the first play while school is still in session. Once school is out for the summer, the program runs Monday through Friday generally from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Where is the program held?
Most, but not all, of the rehearsals are at the Winchester Little Theatre.

Is there a participation fee?
Yes. The fee is $200 for the play and $300 for the musical. Compared to other summer programs, the fee is a bargain.

Is there adult supervision?

Are parents expected to participate?
Parents are expected to participate in some way, which may include supervising youth, leading projects, assisting with painting/props/other areas, helping with hospitality, etc.

How do I get into the WLT For Kids summer program?
In the spring of 2019, fill out and submit our audition application form and show up for auditions! If you are accepted into the program, you will be contacted with further instructions.

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